About Us

We have started with one single goal and that is to make lifelong memories by gifting people souvenirs that they deserve. Our excellent, top-notch gifts are certain to wow even the most difficult to satisfy beneficiaries. We believe in involvement in making flawlessly given gifts for your friends and family.

Look over our wide choice of particular Toys, Board Games, Business Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Romantic Gifts, Miniature Artifacts, Antique showpieces, Handcrafted artifacts, and a lot more to locate your ideal gift for that unique individual. We are known for giving premium quality gifts which is something we are very proud of. We believe in celebrating everyday life and with our gifts, we want to take that idea and make it a reality for every customer that orders from our website."

About The Founder

Sourabh D R is a full-time marketer, traveler, and entrepreneur. He is very passionate about automation and marketing and uses his skills to help brands accelerate their growth. 

He started his career in 2019 when he attended an online workshop organized by The Climber, also known as My Capitan, which was incubated by IIMB and NSCRCEL on Digital Marketing. He was in college when he attended this workshop and had no clue what digital marketing was before the workshop. After attending the workshop, he finally decided that he wanted to follow a path where he could help businesses make more money by providing digital marketing services. So, to learn more about digital marketing, he interned at a company called Sarcon Tech in Bangalore. After some time, he started a company called FittFfox, which was a men’s fitness company, but it failed. 

To further develop his skills, he went to Mysuru, India to pursue Digital Marketing Training. After the training, he co-founded Second Element, which is a marketing media company. He worked at the Second Element for 1.3 years, providing marketing solutions to more than 30+ clients. Later, he joined Wethinkbold Media, which was a creative marketing company & worked with almost 40+ clients, both Indian and international. He later quit the company to start his own company, Glee & Glint Souvenirs. It is a gifting brand where people can buy products and create lifetime memories. Additionally he also started Glee and Glint Media which helps businesses to grow.
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